Chicago vs. New York: Graphic Compares Tale Of Two Cities

Great story from CBS 2 ( Via CBS 2 Newsroom 22 West Washington Street Chicago, IL

CBS Chicago

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago vs. New York.

It’s a rivalry as old as the City Of Big Shoulders itself.

Better sports town? Better pizza? (Remember Jon Stewart’s rant on deep dish?) Better hot dog? Better place to live?

The blog Chicago’d found a detailed info-graphic that compares the Big Apple and the Second City.

There are several interesting nuggets:

New York’s median housing price is nearly double Chicago’s, but median income is not that much different.

New York’s subway system is much larger.

New York is a more expensive place to live. (No. 1 in the United States vs. No. 7).

Click on the image for a larger version to compare presidents, crime families, demographics, number of taxis and more:


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