Court: City Must Make Police Misconduct Files Public

Court: City Must Make Police Misconduct Files Public
From CBS Chicago 22 West Washington Street, Chicago IL 60602

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (STMW) — A state appeals court says the Chicago Police Department can no longer keep misconduct records secret.

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act doesn’t exempt “CR files,” which consist of misconduct complaints against officers and documents created during the investigations, the court found in a ruling Monday.

The appeals court also found that “RL” files are open to the public. Those files identify police officers who have accumulated the most misconduct complaints. At issue were two RL files that named officers with the most complaints between 2001-06 and 2002-08.

University of Chicago law professor Craig Futterman hailed the ruling, saying: “I really do think this is a watershed moment in Illinois in terms of police transparency and accountability.”

Jamie Kalven, an independent journalist and community activist, filed a Freedom of Information request asking CPD to provide him with the RL files as well as CR files involving five…

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